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  • Oprah Speaks Out About Hormones

    You've heard all the rumors now hear the truth about bioidentical hoprmones, Oprah says it all in this breaking news interview...

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    Menopause and Hormone Therapy

    Menopause is a natural condition that all women will experience at some point in their lifetime. The term menopause describes...

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  • Sexual Problems and BHRT for Men

    Although common misconception deems hormone therapy replacement primarily a female-targeted form of therapy, we can assure you...

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    Fitness and BHRT Treatment

    As the world has become overrun with alarming percentages of obesity, diabetes and a whole slew of additional debilitating diseases such as...

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BHRT For Men

BHRT For MenIn men, testosterone is linked to a great deal of functions that determine not only quality of life, but quality of health, this is where VitamoreBHRT can help.

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Find a Doctor

Find a BHRT DoctorAre you looking to discuss BHRT with a local doctor? Do you want to see if BHRT is right for you? locate a Doctor in our network of physicians and request a free consultation.

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BHRT For Woman

BHRT for a womenAt Vitamore, Dr. Paukman uses hormone replacement therapy to improve sexual symptoms in women undergoing menopause and beyond.

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The HCG Diet

The HCG DietThis is your chance to begin a new life. The HCG diet helps individuals lose weight differently and better. The HCG diet helps you lose excessive fat by....

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Pellet Therapy

pellet therapyThis unique approach to hormone replacement therapy allows Dr Paukman to implant small hormone-containing pellets under the skin.

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Bio Identical Therapy

DemoBio-Identical hormones are synthesized via pharmaceutical production methods like other drugs but have the same exact structure to your body’s own....

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BHRT Testimonial

BHRT TestimonialBefore receiving the BHRT Treatment I have already received one surgery on my left knee and was once again having problems. My knee did not feel sound and I could not run a block without knee pain.

Integrative Testimonial

BHRT TestimonialI have had multiple issues with feeling run down, out of shape and simply had no extra energy.  VitamoreBHRT changed that with just one visit and I recommend their service to anyone.

Anti-Aging Testimonial

BHRT TestimonialI have had multiple issues with fatigue and sexual dysfunction. It wasn't until shortly after my visit with Vitamore and following their treatment plan that I was feeling like I was 36 again

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